Jazz Bar coffee bar is located the scenic cultural Podil district of Kyiv. A short and seasonal menu, filled with fresh curated wine selections are served in a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by live concerts of local jazz musicians. In addition to reimagining the brand look, it was important for this project to create a unique identity that will fuse young and urban lifestyle with vibrant musical and historical influences.

Having gathered references and materials I have incorporated bright graphic elements together with muted photography, referencing the rich narrative of improvisational music. This allowed me to achieve adaptable communication that maintains a distinct personality throughout a variety of uses.

Based on saturated wine-inspired tones, the color palette invokes a sophisticated and modern narrative, fitting with brand's concept and audience.  I have developed an exaggeratedly bold graphic logo that creates a dynamic composition. The choice of the companion font reaffirms the gentle nostalgia and timeless qualities the brand depicts.

The final result established Jazz Bar as an exciting place for unique experiences.

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